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Amendment History

April 1995 to May 1999
Versions produced in a previous life.
04.000.000 June 1999
Total rewrite
04.001.000 July 1999
  1. Included column buttons in all multi-occurrence forms.
  2. Added ALLOW MULTIPLE LOGONS switch to MNU_0070U Update Menu Control Data.
(no changes)
November 1999
  1. Rebuilt all images at a higher resolution as the original ones appeared distorted in the PDF version of this document.
04.002.000 July 2000
  1. Replaced 3GL password encryption routine with one written in UNIFACE code. This removes the need for a separate .DLL file.
04.003.000 20th August 2000
Included multi-language capabilities:
  1. Added DEFAULT LANGUAGE to MNU_0070U Update Menu Control Data.
  2. Added LANGUAGE CODE to User details (MNU_0020x).
  3. Added ALTERNATIVE DESCRIPTION to Transaction details (MNU_0030x).
  4. Added Appendix F: Multi-language Features.
04.004.000 27th August 2000
  1. Added transaction MNU_0004 Reset Language Code.
  2. Updated Appendix F: Multi-language Features.
04.005.000 23rd September 2000
  1. Updated MNU_0050M Menu Maintenance so that the SEQUENCE button resets all line numbers in increments of 10.
04.006.000 27th November 2000
  1. Added transaction MNU_0031M Maintain Alternative Descriptions.
  2. Updated Appendix F: Multi-language Features.
  3. Added Appendix G: Menu System Operation.
04.007.000 24th January 2001
  1. Added Appendix H: Application Start-up and Closedown.
04.008.000 21st April 2001
  1. Changed the Copyright page
  2. Added SESSION LOGGING and MESSAGE LOGGING switches to MNU_0070U Update Menu Control Data.
  3. Made the menu screen (MNU_0002) double column.
04.009.000 26th November 2001
  1. Added APPLTITLE to Assignment File Settings.
  2. Updated the Database Model to include SESSION table and SESS_MSG_LOG table.
  3. Added SESSION ID and DELETE AT LOGOFF to MNU_0070U Update Menu Control Data.
  4. Added new transactions to display session details.
04.010.000 1st January 2002
  1. Added ability to display help text from HTML files for selected applications. This requires a setting in the Assignment File.
  2. Display screen MNU_0090L2 after passing through the LOGON screen if there are other active sessions for the user.
  3. Added screen MNU_0041M to the list of navigation buttons on screen MNU_0050M.
  4. Added the RANDOM option to Appendix D: Instance Names
04.011.000 9th January 2002
  1. Added Appendix I: Initial Values.
04.012.000 11th January 2002
  1. Added Appendix J: Transaction Access Profiles.
  2. Added Appendix K: Transaction Item Access Profiles.
04.013.000 15th January 2002
  1. Added Modal vs Non-Modal Forms to Conventions.
  2. Added Interaction between Non-Modal Forms to Conventions.
04.014.000 20th February 2002
  1. Added Appendix L: Audit Logging.
  2. Added MNU_0110L - Display Audit Log for a Session
  3. Added MNU_0115S - Select Audit Log details
  4. Added MNU_0115L - Display Audit Log details
  5. Added MNU_0120M - Maintain Audit Entity details
  6. Amended MNU_0070U - Update Menu Control data to include Audit Logging switch.
  7. Amended MNU_0090L - List Active Sessions to include navigation button for MNU_0110L - Display Audit Log for a Session