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MNU_0004 - Reset $language Code


This function allows the value of $language to be changed without logging off and on again as a different user. This is designed specifically for use with MNU_0030U which shows transaction descriptions in the default language (as defined on the Control file) plus an alternative description for the language specified in $language (if this is different from the default). The value for $language is set from the user's language code when logging on.

On initial entry the value in Current $language will be taken from the global setting $language. This can be changed to any other value.

Note that after maintaining transaction descriptions the value of $language should be reset, as all future transactions will show labels and messages in the language specified in $language.

Current $language Enter the desired code and press the OK button.


Reset Reset $language to User's language (or default language if this is blank).
OK Set $language to the value specified, then exit.
Cancel Exit without changing any data.