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MNU_0020U - Update User


This will allow the system administrator to modify the details of an existing entry on the MNU-USER table. The identity of the entry to be updated is passed down from the parent form.

User Name Required, free form.
User Password Required, must conform to PASSWORD FORMAT defined on the Control record (see MNU_0070U).
(Security) Class Description Required, must be chosen from the contents of the MNU-SECURITY table using screen MNU_0010P. This defines all the security attributes for this User.
Language Code Optional, only if the user requires screen labels and message text presented in a language different from the system default language. See Appendix F for details.
In Use? Yes/No - if YES then this user has logged on to the system and is active. This is also set if the user's session terminated abnormally without going through the usual logoff process.
User Disabled? Yes/No - if YES then this user cannot be selected in the logon screen. This is used as a quick method of removing access to the system without having to remove any records.


Store Update the database; clear the screen ready for new input.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.