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MNU_0110L - Display Audit Log for a Session


This is part of the Audit Logging suite described in Appendix L: Audit Logging.

This will enable the User to view the Audit Log entries that exist for the selected session, which is selected in the parent form.

There are three scroll bars on this screen which deal with the following:-

Session Id Unique identifier for the session.
User ID Identifies the User.
Tran Seq Transaction Sequence Number - starts at 1 for each session, and is incremented for each transaction.
Transaction Date
Transaction Time
The date and time at which this transaction began.
Form Name The component name from where the User initiated the transaction.
Library Name The name of the Application Library used by Form Name.
Ent Seq No Entity Sequence Number - starts at 1 for each transaction, and is incremented for each entity occurrence that is updated.
Entity Name The name of the entity (database table) that was updated.
Application Model The name of the Application Model to which Entity Name belongs.
Primary Key The unique identity for this occurrence. This is an associative list showing both the items names and their values.
Item Name Identifies which item (field) was updated. If a field label has been defined in the application message file with the id 'L_<fieldname>' then this will be used instead of the actual field name.
Old Value The value before it was updated.
New Value The value after it was updated.


Close Exit this transaction.