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MNU_0001 - LOGON screen


When the system is activated the user must pass through this screen before access to any other component within the system can be granted. If valid input is supplied a new session will be started that will behave as identified in Appendix G - Menu System Operation.

User ID The identity of an entry on the USER table. The value will be shifted into upper case before the lookup is attempted.
User Password This must match the value contained on the USER record. Any combination of upper and lowercase is allowed.
Logon Message This is a read-only area that is filled from entries placed in the Control table. Refer to MNU_0070U for more details.


Change Password Provided that both User ID and User Password are valid, this will pass control to screen MNU_0021U to allow the user to change the password to a new value.
info_symbol.gif This function may be invoked automatically if the password is set to expire after a number of days or a number of logons, as defined on the Control table. Refer to MNU_0070U for more details.
CLEAR Clear all fields on the screen ready for new input.
OK Validate the user ID and password. If successful a new session will be started.
Cancel Exit the system.