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MNU_0050M - Maintain Menu Contents


This transaction will allow the system administrator to define the list of options that are to appear on the menu screen when the specified menu transaction is selected.

Sequence Number Required. The order in which the entries will be displayed on the menu screen. Will be allocated by the system initially, but can be changed.
Transaction ID Required. The identity of an entry on the MNU-TRAN table. Can be keyed in directly, or chosen from the popup screen MNU_0030P.


Add Create an empty occurrence ready for new input.
Delete Delete the current (highlighted) occurrence.
Sort Sort the entries in the order dictated by SEQUENCE NUMBER.
Sequence Change the value of SEQUENCE NUMBER in every line to reflect the order in the current screen. Numbers will be allocated in increments of 10.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.
Transaction Access Run form MNU_0041M.