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MNU_0115S - Select Audit Log details


This is part of the Audit Logging suite described in Appendix L: Audit Logging.

This form is used only to enter selection criteria for a child form which is identified in $CHILD_FORM$ (see below). Profile characters are allowed in any of the data fields.

Where an item has two values on the screen this signifies that both a FROM and a TO value can be input to define a range of values.

Extra Parameters (see MNU_0030U and Appendix B)

$child_form$=formname The identity of the form which will be run when the FIND button is pressed. In this case it should be MNU_0115L.


Clear Clear the current screen of data ready for new input.
Find Pass control to the form identified in $CHILD_FORM$ so that it can retrieve entries using these selection criteria.
Close Exit without defining any criteria.