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Assignment File Settings

The following are examples of options contained in the assignment file:-

Option Description
$def_curocc_video col=11 The colour number to be used to highlight the current occurrence in a multi-occurrence screen.
$active_field col=25 The colour number to be used to highlight the current (active) field.
read_limit=100 This defines the number of records that can be read within a single retrieve before the user is asked to either continue or stop at the current record. This is for those transactions which have the potential of reading the entire contents of a database table, thus enabling the user to terminate the retrieve without having to wait for the end of a very large file to be reached. If continue is selected the question will be repeated after the next set of records.
display_logo=true Turns ON or OFF the display of the company logo prior to the logon screen - values are true or false.
logo=@menulogo.bmp Name of object to be loaded into the logo screen (the "@" sign signifies that the image is to be loaded from an external disk file). If no file is specified the default logo will be loaded from an internal glyph with the id "menulogo".
refresh_children=true Defines the initial value for the switch used by the REFRESH CHILDREN option in the pulldown menu - values are true or false. Please refer to Interaction between Non-Modal Forms for more details on this option.
load_data=true Automatically invokes MENU_9010R at start up to reload menu data before the logon screen is activated.
appltitle=title This provides an alternative to the title defined in the application start-up shell.
<variation>_htmlhelp=directory Identifies the directory containing the HTML help files for the application identified as <variation>. For example, the entry 'menu_htmlhelp=htmlhelp\menu\' signifies that HTML help for the MENU system exists in directory 'htmlhelp\menu\'. Note that the directory name must end in '\'.

If this entry is missing then help text for this application will be obtained from the database using screen MENU_HELP (or its equivalent).