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Author:A J Marston
Date Created:1st June, 2003
Date Revised:1st January, 2023


Amendment History
Summary of Features
Database Model
Directory Structure
A - Creating a Menu Structure
B - Task Access
C - Task-Field Access
D - Task Parameters
E - Multiple Tasks for a single Script
F - Online help facility
G - Maintaining state with sessions
H - Duplicate and Concurrent sessions
I - Passing context between objects
J - Using List and Search screens
K - Special Tasks
L - Audit Logging
M - Workflow Engine
N - Data Dictionary
O - Internationalisation
P - Virtual Private Databases
Q - RADIUS Authentication
R - LDAP Authentication
List of Screens
System Logon
Menu/Home Page
Show Message Of The Day
Menu Controls
Update Menu Control data
Update Session data
List Role
Add Role
Delete Role
Enquire Role
Choose Role
Search Role
Update Role
Output Roles to PDF (List view)
List User
List User by Role
Add User
Delete User
Enquire User
Choose User
Search User
Update User
Change User Password
Reset User Password
Retrieve Password
Output Users to PDF (List view)
Users (Alternative Languages)
Maintain Alternative Languages for Users
Add User (Alternative Language)
Delete User (Alternative Language)
Enquire User (Alternative Language)
Search User (Alternative Language)
Update User (Alternative Language)
User Roles
List User Role
Add User Role
Delete User Role
Enquire User Role
Search User Role
Update User Role
List Account
Add Account
Delete Account
Enquire Account
Search Account
Update Account
List Language
Add Language
Delete Language
Enquire Language
Search Language
Update Language
List Subsystem
Add Subsystem
Delete Subsystem
Enquire Subsystem
Erase Subsystem
Export Subsystem
Search Subsystem
Update Subsystem
Output Subsystems to PDF (List view)
Build Directory
Transaction Patterns
List Pattern
Add Pattern
Delete Pattern
Enquire Pattern
Search Pattern
Update Pattern
Output Patterns to PDF (List view)
Output Patterns to PDF (Detail view)
List Task (all)
List Task (proc)
List Task (menu)
List Task by Pattern
List Task by Subsystem
Add Task
Delete Task
Enquire Task
Choose Task
Choose Task (proc)
Choose Task (menu)
Rename Task
Search Task
Update Task
Output Tasks to PDF (List view)
Output Tasks to PDF (Detail view)
Tasks (Alternative Languages)
Maintain Alternative Languages for Tasks
Add Task (Alternative Language)
Delete Task (Alternative Language)
Enquire Task (Alternative Language)
Search Task (Alternative Language)
Update Task (Alternative Language)
List Menu Items
Maintain Menu Items (1)
Maintain Menu Items (2)
List Menu Parents
Add Menu Item
Delete Menu Item
Search Menu Item
Update Menu Item
Navigation Buttons
List Navigation Button
Maintain Navigation Button (1)
Maintain Navigation Button (2)
List Navigation Button Parents
Add Navigation Button
Delete Navigation Button
Search Navigation Button
Update Navigation Button
Output Navigation Buttons to PDF
Task Access
Link Role(s) to selected Task
Link Task(s) to selected Role
Task-Field Access
List Task Field
Add Task Field
Delete Task Field
Enquire Task Field
Search Task Field
Update Task Field
Maintain Field Access via Task
Maintain Field Access via Role
Initial Values
Maintain Initial Values (Role) via Task
Maintain Initial Values (Task) via Role
Maintain Initial Values (User) via Task
Maintain Initial Values (Task) via User
Menu Help
Maintain Help Text
Menu Help (Alternative Languages)
Maintain Alternative Languages for Help Text
Add Help Text (Alternative Language)
Delete Help Text (Alternative Language)
Enquire Help Text (Alternative Language)
Search Help Text (Alternative Language)
Update Help Text (Alternative Language)
To-Do Lists
List ToDo
List ToDo by User
Add ToDo
Delete ToDo
Enquire ToDo
Search ToDo
Update ToDo
Message of the Day
Delete MOTD
Enquire MOTD
Search MOTD
Update MOTD
Show Log Files
Search File
Delete File
Download File
IP Addresses (Task)
List IP Address by Task
Add Task IP Address
Delete Task IP Address
Enquire Task IP Address
Search Task IP Address
Update Task IP Address
IP Addresses (User)
List IP Address by User
Add User IP Address
Delete User IP Address
Enquire User IP Address
Search User IP Address
Update User IP Address
List Favourites
Add Favourite
Delete Favourite
Enquire Favourite
Search Favourite
Update Favourite
Time Limits (Role)
List Time Limits by Role
Add Role Time Limit
Delete Role Time Limit
Enquire Role Time Limit
Search Role Time Limit
Update Role Time Limit
Time Limits (User)
List Time Limits by User
Add User Time Limit
Delete User Time Limit
Enquire User Time Limit
Search User Time Limit
Update User Time Limit
Saved Selections
List Saved Selections
Delete Saved Selection
Enquire Saved Selection
Search Saved Selection
Update Saved Selection
Task Quicksearch
List QuickSearch by Task
Add Task QuickSearch
Delete Task QuickSearch
Enquire Task QuickSearch
Search Task QuickSearch
Update Task QuickSearch
Task Quicksearch (Alternative Languages)
List Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)
Add Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)
Delete Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)
Enquire Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)
Search Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)
Update Task QuickSearch (Alternative Language)