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mnu_favourite(list2) - List Favourites by User

mnu_favourite(list2) (19K)

The purpose of this form is to allow the user to browse through the contents of the FAVOURITES table for his personal entries. These entries are also shown in their own area in the Menu/Home page screen.

NOTE: If there are no entries in the database when this form is accessed it will automatically create a default set, as shown above.

This form is accessed by an option on the Menu/Home page screen.

For a complete description of how this type of form works please see Transaction Pattern LIST 2.

New Will create new entries by activating Add Favourite.

Note that when you are within a task which you wish to add to this table you can do so by pressing the add to favourites link in the menu bar. This will also store the current settings for the menu bar so that it can be restored when the task is chosen from the list of favourites in the Menu/Home Page.

Search Will refine the selection criteria for this screen by activating Search Favourite.
Read Will display selected entries by activating Enquire Favourite.
Update Will update selected entries by activating Update Favourite.
Delete Will delete selected entries by activating Delete Favourite.
Move Up A single selected entry will swap places with the previous entry in the sort sequence.
Move Down A single selected entry will swap places with the next entry in the sort sequence.
Resequence All entries will be updated so that the sort_seq field runs in an unbroken series starting at 1. This is useful if entries have been deleted and gaps have been left in the sequence of numbers.

Note that the entries will be updated in the current sort sequence as shown in the screen.

Audit Trail Will show the audit trail for selected entries as described in Appendix L.