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mnu_help_text(multi1) - Maintain Help Text

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The purpose of this form is to allow the user to maintain the contents of the HELP-TEXT table for a selected TASK. This text is in the default language - for other languages please refer to Maintain Alternative Languages for Help Text. This text will be displayed if the User presses the 'help' hyperlink on the menu bar when this Task is active.

For more information on the HELP facility please refer to Appendix F.

This form is accessed by an option on the navigation bar in the List Task screen.

For a complete description of how this type of form works please see Transaction Pattern MULTI 1.

Field List
Field NameTypeDescription
Task ID String Required. The identity of an entry on the TASK table.
Text String Required. This text may contain any valid HTML tags.

If any hyperlinks contain the keyword '%root%' this will be converted at runtime to the contents of the $root variable as defined in the local help.php script. If this has not been defined then $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] will be used instead.

If this task has the same help text as another task you may use [copy: <task_id> ] to cause the help text for that other task to be displayed automatically without the need to copy the text manually.

Alternative Languages Will allow text in foreign languages to be maintained by going to the Maintain Alternative Languages for Help Text screen.