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batch_log(filepicker) - Show Batch Log File

batch_log(filepicker) (23K)

The purpose of this form is to show the user the contents of the LOGS directory, and to view and/or delete selected files. Each file name will be shown as a hyperlink, so the contents of the file can be viewed (or downloaded) by clicking on its name.

If the settings field for this task is set to hyperlink_direct=Y then the hyperlink will load the file directly into the browser, otherwise it will transfer control to batch_log(filedownload).

This form is accessed by the 'Batch Log Files' option on the navigation bar of the Home Page screen. It is also executed automatically after a batch job is activated from an online screen.

For a complete description of how this type of form works please see Transaction Pattern FILEPICKER.

Search Will provide selection criteria for this screen by activating Search File
Delete Will delete selected entries by activating Delete File