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mnu_user_role(upd1) - Update User Role

mnu_user_role(upd1) (18K)

The purpose of this function is to allow the user to update entries on the USER-ROLE table for a selected USER.

This form is accessed by selecting entries in the List User Role screen before pressing the 'UPDATE' button in the navigation bar.

For a complete description of how this type of form works please see Transaction Pattern UPDATE 1.

Field NameTypeDescription
Sort Sequence numeric If a user has multiple roles then one of them must be identified as the primary role, in which case the entry with the lowest sort sequence will be used. The primary role will be used to provide values for the following:
  • start_task
  • global_access
  • is_external_auth_off
  • Retrieving entries from the TIME_LIMIT_ROLE table.

ALL user roles, not just the primary role, will be used for the following:

Start Date date Required. This role will not be active if this date is in the future.
End Date date Optional. This role will not be active if this date is in the past.