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MNU_0030L - List Transactions


This transaction will enable the system administrator to list, in summary form, the current contents of the MNU-TRAN table. By using the navigation buttons new entries may be added, or existing entries may be viewed, amended or deleted. The current selection may be cleared and a new selection retrieved by using the profile area at the top of the screen.

Profile Area Enter data in any of these fields as selection criteria. Profile characters are allowed.

Extra Parameters (see MNU_0030U and Appendix B)

$auto_retrieve$=Y Will cause an automatic retrieve upon initial entry.
$select_tran$=tran The identity of the form that will be run when the Full Profile button is pressed. In this case it should be MNU_0030S.

Child properties (see MNU_0030U and Appendix C)

release=entity Where entity is MNU_TRAN


Retrieve Retrieve entries using the current selection criteria.
Clear Clear the current selection and place the cursor in the PROFILE area ready for new selection criteria.
Close Exit this transaction.
Full Profile Activate the form specified by '$select_tran$=' so that more extensive selection criteria may be defined.
Add Transaction Runs form MNU_0030C
Update Transaction Runs form MNU_0030U
Display Transaction Runs form MNU_0030R
Delete Transaction Runs form MNU_0030D
Alternative Descriptions Runs form MNU_0031M
Menu Contents Runs form MNU_0050M
Transaction Access Runs form MNU_0041M
Item List Runs form MNU_0060M
Item Access Runs form MNU_0065M
Initial Values Runs form MNU_0080M