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MNU_0080M - Maintain Initial Values


This will allow the system administrator to define initial values for items (fields) within a specified Transaction whenever a new database occurrence is being created. By default all fields are empty on a new occurrence, and any values have to be either entered by the user or set by code within the program. This facility provides the ability to set, change or remove initial values for new database occurrences without having to change any program code.

This list is only relevant for transactions that can create new database occurrences. It has no effect on existing occurrences.

info_symbol.gif Note that only single literal values or special keywords can be specified, and these will be applied unconditionally. If anything more sophisticated is required, such as different values under different circumstances, then this will have to be provided by specific code within the program.

Item Name Required. The name of an item (field) within the specified transaction. This is not validated, so entries for items that cannot be found at run time will be ignored.

The entity (table) name is not required unless the item belongs to a table other than the main table in the specified transaction.
Initial Value Required. A single literal value, or one of these keywords:
  • $date - the current system date
  • $time - the current system time


Add Create an empty occurrence ready for new input.
Delete Delete the current (highlighted) occurrence.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.