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Appendix B: Extra Parameters

This refers to the EXTRA PARAMETERS field which is available in the Transaction maintenance screens MNU_0030x.

This is only used in those transactions that have been specifically programmed to accept run-time parameters. Details of any such parameters should be identified in the transaction specification.

The contents of this field will be added to the parameter string that is passed to the component instance when it is first activated, not on subsequent re-activations. This will typically be used to set various options either ON or OFF. Each entry should consist of a "name=value" pair, where "name" is the identity of a particular parameter, and "value" is the setting for that parameter.

Multiple entries can be specified by using "^" as a separator (eg: "A=1^B=2").

For example, the following parameters are available in several List functions in the Menu system:-

$auto_retrieve$=Y Will cause the function to perform an automatic retrieve upon initial entry.
$auto_retrieve$=N Default. A blank screen will be displayed upon initial entry. No entries will be retrieved until that action is selected by the user.
$select_tran$=name The name of the transaction that will be selected when the Full Profile button is pressed.
field=value If the form accepts selection criteria from its parent then it is possible to specify additional values here. If different values are required under different circumstances it is possible to create additional transactions which refer to the same component, as discussed in Appendix E.

The following keywords will be converted at run time:-