A MAPI interface for Uniface

Tony Marston - 16th February 2001

Here is a piece of software sent to me by Michael J Levene which provides a series of MAPI interfaces for Uniface. MAPI standards for Mail Application Programming Interface and is supported by virtually all Windows Messaging systems like Outlook and Outlook Express.

This is provided as a DLL and supports the following operations:

The sample software is contained in a zip file which can be downloaded here for 7.2.02, here for 7.2.06, or here for 8.1.01. It contains the following objects:

DocumentationMAPI interface.doc
Test formsmapi.exp

If this DLL does not work with your version of Uniface then contact either myself or Michael J Levene (the author) and a new one will be provided.

Tony Marston
16th February 2001