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dict_table(generate)a - Generate PHP scripts (a) - Select Pattern

dict_table(generate)a (12K)

The purpose of this function is to generate the PHP scripts which will provide access to the selected database table. Examples on how to use this function are given in Radicore for PHP - Tutorial.

This is a two-stage process:

  1. Select one of the predefined Transaction Patterns.
  2. Pass control to Generate PHP Scripts (b) to enter the details required by the selected pattern.

Should you select a pattern which has more than one table in a senior-to-junior hierarchy, this task must be instigated on the table which is at the bottom of the hierarchy, i.e. the most junior.

This form is accessed from the Enquire Table screen by pressing the 'Generate PHP' button in the navigation bar.

For a complete description of how this type of function works please see Transaction Pattern Update 1.