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MNU_0020C - Create User


This will allow the system administrator to add a new entry to the MNU-USER table.

info_symbol.gif Initial values may be defined using screen MNU_0080M.

User ID Required, must be unique.
User Name Required, free form.
User Password Required, must conform to PASSWORD FORMAT defined on the Control record (see MNU_0070U).
(Security) Class Description Required, must be chosen from the contents of the MNU-SECURITY table using screen MNU_0010P. This defines all the security attributes for this User.
Language Code Optional, only if the user requires screen labels and message text presented in a language different from the system default language. See Appendix F for details.


Store Update the database; clear the screen ready for new input.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.