Repository Search Utilities

Tony Marston - 17th September 2002

These utilities have been put together by Michael J Levene to show how to search your repository for forms or objects. His sample software can be downloaded from here (45KB zipped).

The zip file contains the following::

  1. rut_utilities.exp containing RUT010E, RUT010E1 and RUT010H1.
  2. Screenshots - search_comp.gif and search_object.gif.
  3. README.TXT containing full installation instructions.

Installation Instructions

Within Development you can now goto Utility, Repository Viewer, Personal Views and select either report. See the screen shots - I think the buttons should be self-explanatory.

Screen Shots

Figure 1 - Search Components screen


Figure 2 - Search Objects screen


You are free to use the software without warranty or support, at your own risk.

If you have any comments on this software then please contact Michael Levene at:

Tony Marston
17th September 2002