Performing a Mail Merge using COM

Tony Marston - 12th December 2001

This demonstration software has been put together by Michael J Levene to show how a mail merge can be done in UNIFACE. His sample software can be downloaded from here (227KB zipped). Note that it requires a database that supports BLOB fields.

This software allows the insertion text for the merge and the merge template to be stored in the database as BLOBs. For any merge 2 records are needed, one for the text to insert and the other a mail merge template. An example of these files is included in the sample code.

To perform a merge a list of recipients must first be selected from the PERSON entity (sample data supplied), then the following options must be set:

Template            : Name of the merge template to use (lookup is available)
Merge Text          : Text to use with the template (lookup is available)
Preview / Edit      : Allow you to view / edit the template prior to merge
Supress Blank Lines : Allows blank lines to be supressed
Merge Destination   : Printer, Document or Mail

If mail is selected then a subject must be specified. The merged document can either be included as an attachment, or be part of the main mail message.

NOTE: This software also includes service S_SPELL which will enable WORD's spell checker to be used on any block of text.

If you have any comments on this software then please contact Michael at:

Tony Marston
12th December 2001