A Timezone conversion utility

Tony Marston - 2nd December 2001

Following some recent discussions in the UNIFACE newsgroup about converting times from one timezone to another Michael J Levene has generously donated a beta version of his software which can be downloaded from here.

This software imports the following files into its database:

These files were generated by Jesper Norgaard from the public domain database, a raw version of which can be downloaded from ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ (link broken). They are used by his Time Zone Converter program, a copy of which (TZINST.EXE) is included in the download file. This program includes the ability to download new versions of CITY.INF and TIMEZONE.INF from the internet as they are updated regularly.

Michael's software contains a service S_TIMEZONE which has 3 operations:

UTC        -> Local Time
Local Time -> UTC
Local Time -> Local Time

If you have any comments on this beta software then please contact Michael at:

Tony Marston
2nd December 2001