A routine to Encrypt/Decrypt Files and Strings

Tony Marston - 31st December 2000

Here is a piece of software sent to me by Michael J Levene after he saw my article A Data Encryption routine for UNIFACE. This is provided as a DLL and supports the following operations:

This routine has the added advantage that it can be called from both Uniface and non-Uniface applications. The zip file includes as an example an Excel worksheet that references the DLL via Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

The sample software is contained in a zip file which can be downloaded here for 7.2.02, here for 7.2.06, and here for 8.1.01. It contains the following objects:

Test formml23.exp
Excel sheettestdll.xls

If this DLL does not work with your version of Uniface then contact either myself or Michael J Levene (the author) and a new one will be provided.

Tony Marston
31st December 2000