PECL/mysqlnd_qc 1.1 series


  • Release date: under development
  • Motto/theme: PHP 5.4 compatibility, schema pattern based caching and mysqlnd_ms support

Feature changes

  • APC storage handler update

    • Fix build for APC 3.1.9+
    • Note: Use of the APC storage handler is currently not recommended due to stability issues of APC itself.

  • New PHP configuration directives

  • New constants and SQL hints

  • New function mysqlnd_qc_set_cache_condition() for built-in schema pattern based caching. Likely to support a wider range of conditions in the future.

  • Report valid_until timestamp for cache entries of the default handler through mysqlnd_qc_get_cache_info().

  • Include charset number for cache entry hashing. This should prevent serving result sets which have the wrong charset.

    API change: get_hash_key expects new "charsetnr" (int) parameter after "port".

  • API change: changing is_select() signature from bool is_select() to mixed is_select(). Mixed can be either boolean or array(long ttl, string server_id). This is needed by PECL/mysqlnd_ms.


  • Support acting as a cache backend for PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.3.0-beta or later to transparently replace MySQL Replication slave reads with cache accesses, if the user explicitly allows.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Bug #59959 (config.m4, wrong library - 64bit memcached handler builds) (Credits: Remi Collet)